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Louis P. Astorino, P.E.
Deputy Managing Director

"I believe that design and construction should co-exist, not as separate entities or methodologies, but as one cohesive and unified creative achievement – a symbiotic relationship in which one cannot exist without the other. Changing our mindset to have the process be one is not only the best solution for the project and for the client and the client’s business, but will advance our industry in ways that will help us tremendously as professionals in the future."

Louis P. Astorino, PE

Louis P. Astorino currently serves as deputy managing director for Astoban Investments. In the past he served as Chief Executive Officer of Astorino and was a member of its Board of Directors. In that capacity he oversaw the daily operations of the firm and was heavily involved in corporate strategic planning and business development activities.

Lou now plays an integral role in exploring Astoban’s expansion to international markets, including the Middle East and nationally in Pittsburgh. He currently serves as Branch Manager of the firm’s office in Pittsburgh.

Mr. Astorino is also the founder of Astorino’s Construction Services division and concurrently serves as the group’s CEO. In this role he facilitates an integrated project delivery approach that combines design and construction services through all project phases, under one entity.

Outside of his professional career, Mr. Astorino places great significance on giving back to the community. He has served many local organizations in recent years including the March of Dimes, Children’s Museum of Naples, YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and Christian Leaders Fellowship Pittsburgh Crèche Endowment.

Lou holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. He is a registered professional engineer in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Lou is a Pittsburgh PA native.